September 24th, 2015

New ZX Spectrum Beeper Engine: Tritone FX

Strangely enough, after finishing the 7d7e project, I was even more in the mood to create new 1-bit sound routines. So today I present you Tritone FX, a clone of Shiru’s Tritone engine with some added features.


September 20th, 2015

7d7e: Seven New ZX Spectrum Sound Routines in Seven Days

The past couple of weeks, I went on a coding spree, making a number of new 1-bit sound routines. Instead of just throwing the routines out on the net, I decided to release them within the scope of a little art project, publishing one engine per day over the course of one week. Hopefully this will help a bit to spread my vision of code as an artform in it’s own right.


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